Sunday, September 9, 2007

About the Author

George Heymont is co-founder of Alert & Oriented Medical Transcription Services in San Francisco. He graduated from Brooklyn College in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts in speech and theater history.

After three years in Providence, Rhode Island, Mr. Heymont moved to San Francisco, where he entered the field of medical transcription and also transcribed for court reporters. An impressive career as a freelance journalist has witnessed more than 1,000 of Mr. Heymont's articles published in over 100 magazines and newspapers.

His byline has appeared in American Medical News, Opera News, Journal of the American Association for Medical Transcription (JAAMT), The Advocate, MT Monthly, MD, San Francisco Medicine, ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals, Private Practice, GQ, The Foot and Ankle Reporter, and California Highway Patrolman.

Mr. Heymont also has an extensive background as a motivational speaker who has conducted master class seminars for apprentice programs at some of the nation's leading opera companies. He has been a guest speaker at conferences sponsored by the California Emergency Physicians Medical Group and the Northern California Podiatric Association. Mr. Heymont's keynote speech entitled "MTs in Cyberspace" was presented at the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance's 1996 annual conference. His presentation "Communicating With Dictators: Redefining Ourselves and Our Work" debuted at the American Association for Medical Transcription's Second Annual Managers and Supervisors Conference in Las Vegas on October 8, 1994. This speech was subsequently presented to regional AAMT chapters in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Tucson.

Mr. Heymont is Past President of the Golden Gate Chapter of the American Association for Medical Transcription (GGC-AAMT) and a former Vice President of the Golden Gate Business Association. In 1995 he debuted the Keeping Abreast of Medical Transcription website on the Internet. In October 1995 he launched the Internet's KAMT-LIST mailing list as a free service to medical transcriptionists. He also wrote the "Transcription Trends" column in For The Record Magazine from 1999-2003.

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Lori said...

George- I love your website. Good luck in the New Year!

Lori Feldman, LCSW