Sunday, September 9, 2007

Articles by George Heymont

The following articles were written for the "Transcription Trends" column in For The Record Magazine, a healthcare information management industry publication, from 1999-2003. Since their original publication, many of the companies referred to have been acquired, merged, or gone out of business. Many technological references (especially to earlier generations of computer chips, fax/modems, etc.) will seem quaint -- if not downright ancient. The articles are republished here for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

Acceptable Margins of Error

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Forearm

A Loss of Innocence

Artificial -- Intelligence

Asleep At The Wheal

ASP Me No Questions

Circle The Wagons

Close, But No Cigar

Conspicuous Consumption

Crisis Management

Dancing in the Dark

Dumb and Dumber

Faith-Based Transcription

Fantasy vs. Reality

First, Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Follow The Money

Fools Rush In

Hiring Cheap: You Get What You Pay For

How Do You Code Oral Diarrhea?

How Much Are Your Secrets Worth?

How Much Is That HIPAA In The Window?

It Takes A Virtual Village


Make 'em Laugh!

Measure for Measure

Mentor, Mentor, On The Net

Money Makes The World Go 'Round

Of Cows and Confidentiality

Oh, Say Can You See?

Put Up Or Shut Up!

Religion versus Transcription

San Diego MT Discovers Missing Link

Send In The Goats

Setting Reasonable Goals

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Taking Pride In Your Work

Thanks, But No Thanks

The 50% Solution

The Big Chill

The Big Lie

The Currency of Language

The Long And The Short Of It

The Shifting Sands of Industry

Till There Is A Cure

Tit For Tat

To Form A More Perfect Union?

To Hype Or Not To Hype

Transcription's Dirty Little Secret

Trivial Pursuits

What's In A Name?

When You Wish Upon A Star

Who Would I Hire?

Who Would I Work For?

Whose Work Is This, Anyway?

Why Is It So Hard To Find Good MTs?

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