Sunday, September 9, 2007


"This dynamic teaching tool is not just remedial reading for doctors -- it's a must for anyone concerned with the integrity of the medical record, particularly medical records managers, transcription department managers, hospital administrators and risk managers -- and anyone interested in improving communication between medical record personnel and physicians. It should be required reading as well for students, allied health professionals, nurses, physician assistants and other members of the healthcare team. For medical transcriptionists, it's a primer on the profession and a tool to help them better decipher the "medical mush that emanates from the mouths of dictating physicians."

--- Kate Jackson, Former Editor, For The Record Magazine

"I couldn't stop reading! The author's many and varied life experiences give you a perspective, and an exquisite use of the English language, that is irresistible. What a clear, bright, articulate, alluring (c'mere 'n read me!) book."

-- Adria Firestone

"This is a book that dares to teach anyone committed to the delivery of quality healthcare. Whether you are a medical student, general practitioner, world-renowned cardiac surgeon, health information manager, medical transcriptionist, nurse, social worker or another member of the healthcare team, you will find value in exploring the nooks and crannies of this novel messenger of dictation wisdom. And then, when you've had all the learning you can take for one day, sit back in an ergonomically correct chair and laugh at Gerard Donelan's cartoons until the tears flow and your day becomes a bit brighter."

--- Catherine S. Baxter

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