Sunday, September 9, 2007


Gerard Donelan's impish cartoons can be printed and posted in a variety of high-impact places in hospitals and clinical settings. Highly recommended targets are physician's restrooms, doctors' lounges, Medical Record Departments, and nursing stations.

Cartoon #1

"The patient arrived with death sitting on her shoulder."

Cartoon #2
"Chief Complaint: Motorcycle versus tree."'

Cartoon #3
"The greater trochanter was inserted in the abdomen"

Cartoon #4
"There is no swallowing of the left leg."

Cartoon #5
"I asked Dr. O, who did her sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, to poke his head in and he, too, thought that it did not look like a classic colon cancer."

Cartoon #6
"A baby was born in the toilet of the Emergency Department."

Cartoon #7
"The patient was examined with Dr. Monroe under the microscope."

Cartoon #8
"The patient is breathing oxygen through nasal prawns."

Cartoon #9
"When I got into his mouth I could see why he was bleeding."

Cartoon #10
"The patient is concerned about seborrheic keratosis that she has had treated by a dermatologist on her face."

Cartoon #11
"Her weight has increased 8-10 pounds an hour for the last four years."

Cartoon #12
"The hemorrhoid got worse and finally came to the office."

Cartoon #13
"Apparently, she had a boyfriend who died approximately one month ago and at that point began drinking heavily."
Cartoon #14
"The patient's wife hit him over the head with an ironing board which now has six stitches in it."

Cartoon #15
"He was given Beconase nose spray, two sprays in each, one or two in each nose, two to three times a day."

Cartoon #16
"The infant was discharged to home with Mom in car seat."

Cartoon #17
"Chief Complaint: Spinning of head occasionally."

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