Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Access Codes

Sometimes an attending physician will tell a resident "Here's my number. Just dictate using my number." This can cause havoc for transcriptionists whose macros and/or word-expander utilities take the physician's author ID or PIN number and expand it into his full name. The results can not only cause confusion in a chart,they can result in a serious liability.
Suppose these two doctors are working together:

Physician's NameAuthor ID#
John Doe, M.D.5555
Jane Smith, M.D.7777

If the senior physician, Dr. Doe, tells the resident physician, Dr. Smith, to dictate using his author ID#, then wherever the transcriptionist's macros and/or word-expander utilities transform the number 5555 into John Doe, M.D., Dr. Doe's name will appear instead of Dr. Smith's.
As a resident physician, you should always insist on havingyour own author ID# so that your work does not get confused withsomeone else's.

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