Saturday, September 15, 2007

Battling The "God" Complex

As a physician, you are looked upon as an authority figure in our society. That means that the words you speak carry a much greater weight than when those same words are spoken by others.

Unfortunately, many doctors develop a "God complex" which transforms them into insufferable colleagues. Many also become medical bullies. As soon as they sense that they can get someone to kiss up to them, such doctors find great joy in playing the medical bully power game. It's a game they can -- and usually do win -- with their skills at charm, manipulation, and intimidation.

Of course, not all doctors are arrogant bastards. But those who are do a damned good job of giving their colleagues a bad reputation. Their rudeness and condescension toward fellow members of the patient care team can create the kind of resentment and divisiveness which quickly poisons a working environment.

Since most physicians remain blissfully unaware of their dysfunctional behavior, they don't realize how much work must be done by others to clean up the wreckage left in their wake. What makes this concept particularly difficult for so many doctors to understand is the fact that the bulk of their work consists of telling other people what's wrong and how to fix it.
Physicians don't like being told to heal themselves.

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Simone said...

Agreed,very eloquently put.