Monday, September 10, 2007

Consciousness Raising Exercise #10

An young man who has been shooting speed comes to the Emergency Room complaining of burning on urination. As you examine the patient, you notice a variety of tattoos and body piercings, including a stainless steel stud piercing the tongue, a pair of nipple rings, a gold navel ring, a Prince Albert, and a guiche. In addition to the patient's urinary tract symptoms, you are concerned about the possibility of the patient developing an abscess or infection.

Using the following template, describe the patient's physical findings while including your own personal description of the patient's decorative jewelry:


  • General:

  • Skin:

  • Vital Signs:

  • HEENT:

  • Neck:

  • Back:

  • Chest:

  • Heart:

  • Abdomen:

  • Genitalia:

  • Pelvic:

  • Rectal:

  • Extremities:

  • Neurologic:

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