Thursday, September 6, 2007

Consciousness Raising Exercise #6

The recent "dumbing down" of America's educational standards has resulted in a population with impoverished language skills. Their grammar is atrocious.

Doctors, lawyers, and many other professionals cannot spell to save their lives. However, their egos often prevent them from knowing how severely handicapped they have become in their work.

Whether a doctor is American or speaks English as a second language, many physicians are such terrible dictators that their sloppy work habits jeopardize the accuracy of patient documentation, thus compromising patient care.

Drunk drivers and those ticketed for exceeding the speed limit are routinely required to attend a form of Traffic School in order to retain their licenses to operate a motor vehicle. In a 250-word essay, describe how you would feel if the chief of staff, risk manager, and chairman of your hospital's Medical Record Committee demanded that you attend a continuing education workshop featuring three hours of remedial grammar and three hours of "Dictation Therapy For Doctors."

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