Thursday, September 13, 2007

Digital Logging and Tracking

In the past, a great deal of effort was expended in logging each tape as it came off the dictation carousel and then having the transcriptionist log each job as it was completed. Mistakes in spelling, difficulty reading another person's handwriting, and problems with misplaced logs frequently caused chaos.
By contrast, a digital dictation system's computer automatically logs each job as it is dictated. The database it builds can be accessed to create reports which reflect a physician's and/or transcriptionist's work history. The reports it generates can also be used to determine whether the length of a physician's dictation is "within normal limits." Most importantly, these reports can be generated without taking valuable keyboard time away from the transcriptionist.

Digital dictation systems can also be used to defuse traditionally stressful situations.

  • If, due to a physician's dictation style or foreign accent, one transcriptionist is having trouble with a particular piece of dictation, another transcriptionist can dial in, access the same job, and try to fill in the blanks.

  • If, as frequently happens in hospital situations, a physician storms into the Medical Record Department insisting that his dictation has been lost, it is now possible for a supervisor to check the digital dictation system's database to see if the physician has, in fact, dictated the report or has merely forgotten to do so and is trying to lay the blame for his mistake on someone else.

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