Friday, September 14, 2007

Direct Connect: PC to PC

In some situations you will want to let the transcription agency upload its files directly onto your hard drive. To do this, you can use a software program like pcAnywhere or a web-based service like GoToMyPC.


  • A direct connection eliminates the need to go through an electronic hub where your files might get lost or misdirected.

  • By using a password table, you can restrict access to your computer to those people who need to upload files to you.

  • By designating the download directory of your choice, files can be sent to the exact location where you want them to end up on your hard drive.

  • By using a "remote control" program like pcAnywhere or a web-based service like GoToMyPC the transcription agency can take over your computer in an emergency and try to solve a technical problem from a remote location.


  • You must be sure that your communications program is always in "host" or "receive"mode.

  • A dedicated hacker might find a way to get into your hard drive and go poking around looking for information. This could severely jeopardize the confidentiality of patient records.

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