Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Errors & Omissions

Many physicians do not read through their dictated reports to check for errors. They merely affix their name on the signature line and push the chart out of the way. Some blithely initial their reports "SNR" to indicate that the report has been signed, but not read. What these physicians are ignoring is that the responsibility
for errors and omissions lies with the dictating physician -- not with the medical transcriptionist.
Your medical malpractice insurance may have some coverage for errors and omissions. But the simplest form of "Errors and Omissions" insurance involves doing your job correctly.

This means paying attention to what you dictate and checking for errors when each and every report comes back to you. The cost of doing this is minimal compared to the liability you expose yourself to by signing off on your dictated reports without having carefully proofread your work.

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