Saturday, September 15, 2007

How to Find Professional Medical Transcriptionists

What do you do if the agency handling transcription for your hospital doesn't want your account, the people you have contacted are swamped with work and cannot take on another client, and the people you have interviewed don't appeal to you? Here are several options to explore:
Visit the web site for the Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA) and search its directory for a medical transcription service organization (MTSO) that can accommodate your needs.

Place an ad on Craig's List under the medical job listings appropriate to your city.

Don't forget that a dictating physician and medical transcriptionist must work together in order to achieve successful teamwork. There will be an initial shakedown period when the dictating physician may decide he is not happy with the quality of work and/or the turnaround time he is receiving. Similarly, keep in mind that transcriptionistshave been known to fire physicians who are bad clients the same way thatphysicians must sometimes fire a patient

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