Thursday, September 13, 2007

The New Hierarchy of Transcribing Talent

When doctors in private practice and/or hospitals call a temporary employment agency requesting that a medical transcriptionist be sent out to substitute for someone who is on vacation, they are often confounded by the poor quality of work they receive. They can't understand why such a small amount of dictation gets transcribed, much less the wide variety in the quality of help that gets sent to their office.

What they forget is that a medical transcriptionist working for a temp agency first has to figure out how to use the software in a new office, adapt to a new set of formats, and then get used to the voice of a new dictator.

Contrast this situation with someone whose computer is tweaked for maximum productivity, who knows all the shortcuts involving macros and word expanders, who has the strongest vocabulary tools available, and who transcribes dictation from a wide variety of doctors. That person is going to have much stronger transcription skills.

  • Has that person invested more in sharpening his medical transcription skills and building a library of reference materials?

  • Can you get better service from that person?

  • Does that person deserve a higher rate of reimbursement for services rendered?

The answer should be obvious.
What might be less obvious is that, with the best transcriptionists trying to maximize their income, any physician whose dictation is so terrible that it handicaps transcriptionists and eats into their productivity becomes a financial liability.

If professional transcriptionists who are working against the clock sense that they are losing money on your account they can -- and they will -- drop you as a client. If they do, you will end up using transcriptionists whose skills may not be as strong as you desire.

The moral of the story?

If you want top-quality work from top-quality medical transcriptionists, then you have to deliver top-quality dictation to their ears.

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