Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Ounce Of Prevention

Anyone who owns a business understands that there are certain risks and costs associated with being in business. The smart business owner researches these factors and takes appropriate action to protect himself, his business, and his clients from any possible liability. He must also be sure to protect himself from action taken by uninvolved parties who, rightfully or not, feel that something is owed to them by
his business.

Suppose you own a storefront business with a large, plate glass window. You might carry fire insurance, theft insurance, and have policies which cover slip-and-fall accidents within your business. But what happens when a foreign object crashes through your plate glass window in the middle of the night? What happens if a customer exiting your store is knocked to the pavement by someone running for a bus?

  • Does your insurance cover such an incident?

  • Are you liable?

  • Did anyone witness the event?

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