Saturday, September 15, 2007

Professional Versus Nonprofessional Status

Even though they are not licensed as professionals, many people in the field of medicine approach their work with high standards of professionalism. They do not brag about their work, nor do they try to draw a great deal of attention to themselves. They merely work to the best of their abilities on the assumption that their job demands work of the highest quality possible.
At the same time, many licensed professionals are notorious for their lack of professionalism in the workplace. These people are quick to criticize others, erupt in anger, and denounce their coworkers as unprofessional.
Unlike court reporters (who must possess a state license asa Certified Shorthand Reporter), medical transcriptionists have the option of taking the Certified Medical Transcriptionist. Some medical transcriptionists feel a need to see the letters "CMT" after their name as a means of cementing their professional status in place.

Some MTs prefer to spend the time and money required to become a CMT on other pursuits (like the services of that other CMT: the Certified MassageTherapist). Whether or not a person has earned a CMT, a medical transcriptionist must approach his work with a high degree of professionalism if he is going to continue to work.

Part of a medical transcriptionist's work involves listening to doctors make mistakes. Not only do MTs know where each physician screws up on a regular basis, they work very hard to protect these licensed professionals from making fools of themselves.

If medical transcriptionists are not treated as professionals, theycan hang a dictating physician with his own words. Without ever renegingon their responsibilities as medical language specialists, they can easily (and ethically) leave a licensed professional vulnerable to attack by an aggressive lawyer.

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