Friday, September 14, 2007

Speech Recognition: The Promise

Speech recognition systems have the potential to cut down on the costs of secretarial labor under the following set of circumstances:

  • The physician has some degree of computer literacy.

  • The physician has strong word-processing skills, knows his way around a specific word-processing program, and has the time, desire, and ability to properly edit the documents he has dictated.

  • The physician is willing and able to spend whatever time is required to experience the learning curve necessary for the voice recognition system to adjust to his voice and learn the specific vocabulary he uses.

  • The physician is willing to perform all dictation on a site-specific basis (sitting in front of the computer which is equipped with voice recognition software).

  • The physician is willing to alter his pattern of speech to the measured speed at which the computer can accept dictation.

  • The physician thinks his time is better spent as a word processor who edits documents onscreen than as a physician who examines and treats patients.

  • The physician thinks that the amount of money he saves on professional medical transcription services is worth the amount of money he loses by seeing fewer patients.

  • The physician can consistently produce fully-formed sentences.

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