Thursday, September 6, 2007

Striving For Consistency

If dictating reports is a monotonous chore, transcribing them can be equally unthrilling. In order to liven things up, do not try changing the order in which you transmit information each time you begin a new report. Do not indulge yourself in a "stream-of-consciousness" style of dictating that makes no sense at all.

This drives transcriptionists up the wall.

Why? Transcriptionists have streamlined their work habits to include macros and word expanders as a means of keeping pace with a doctor's dictation. In order for a macro to work properly, it requires a medical transcriptionist to insert certain key pieces of data (patient name, patient number, admitting diagnosis, etc.) in the exact same order each time the macro unfolds.

Changing the order in which you deliver information for various data fields can wreak havoc on a carefully-programmed sequence of computerized events.

To avoid causing chaos on a regular basis, ask your Medical Record Department or the client contact at your transcription agency for outlines or scripts you can use when dictating. These scripts will show you the exact order in which information needs to be delivered for the reports you dictate on a regular basis.

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