Friday, September 14, 2007


Templates are frequently used when a document must maintain a specific format. A template is a pre-recorded electronic file which determines a document's basic style: its margins, fonts, justification, layout, etc. A template can include certain standard blocks of text(letterhead, conditional waiver, signature block) which must appear in each and every such document. Templates are frequently used with macros in the following manner:

  • The transcriptionist launches a macro which starts the process of creating a discharge summary.

  • The macro retrieves the template containing the client's letterhead into a new document, inserts the template for a discharge summary, and stops to allow the transcriptionist to enter the report's "variables" (patient name, medical record number, date of admission, date of discharge, dictating physician, job number, date dictated, date transcribed, etc.) into a dialogbox.

  • After receiving the appropriate signal from the transcriptionist,the macro then takes the information entered into the dialog box, places it into the appropriate locations in the discharge summary template (while maintaining proper margins, justification, fonts, etc.), names, and then saves the document as a new file.

  • With the new document properly named and formatted, the transcriptionist begins to transcribe what has been dictated by the physician.

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