Saturday, September 15, 2007

There Is A Higher Authority

The combination of impaired language skills and dysfunctional behavior in the medical workplace is as potentially volatile as mixing drugs and alcohol.

A doctor should never treat the dictation/transcription process as a performance venue in which he has the right to intimidate people with his professional license or bully them with his sense of self-importance. Why not? Because, as medical language specialists, MTs pay closer attention to the proper use of language than most physicians do when dictating their reports and correspondence.

Medical transcriptionists constantly struggle to make sense out of the medical mush that emanates from the mouths of physicians. To succeed at what they do, they must hold themselves accountable to a much higher authority than physicians: i.e., the rules of the English language.

With their knowledge, they can easily hang a doctor with his own words simply by transcribing dictation verbatim.

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