Thursday, September 13, 2007

Type of Report

A one- or two-digit report code is usually used to identify the type of report being dictated. The six basic types of hospital reports are:
  • Preoperative History & Physical

  • Admission History & Physical

  • Consultation Report

  • Operative Report

  • Transfer Summary

  • Discharge/Death Summary

Medical transcriptionists become extremely frustrated by physicians who continually miscode their reports and then can't understand why their work isn't being transcribed correctly.
  • One reason is because the macro commands used by the transcriptionist are specific to the report type. Thus, if a physician miscodes a report, the transcriptionist is forced to reconstruct the report using an entirely different template. This cuts into productivity and, in many situations, cuts into the transcriptionist's earnings.

  • Dictation jobs are often sorted and routed by report type and by report type priority. If you miscode a report, there is a good chance it will be mistaken for a report code with a longer turnaround time.

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