Sunday, September 9, 2007

Changes in the Way Medicine is Practiced

Imagine pursuing a career goal with such intensity and dedication that it completely takes over your life. You study hard, work long hours, give 110% of what you've got, only to find that something is still not right. One day you wake up and realize that

  • You've changed.

  • Your goals have changed.

  • The career you chose is no longer as exciting as it once was.

  • You're not enjoying your work.

Why bother? Who needs the grief?

Some people would describe these symptoms as characteristic of a mid-life crisis. But many doctors are opting for early retirement because the practice of medicine no longer seems sufficiently rewarding. What happened?

  • The insurance industry and mass media have done an extraordinary job of encouraging patients to question a doctor's authority.

  • A doctor's word is no longer good enough and a physician's authority is being challenged from all directions.

Where have these challenges come from? Just follow the money to
find out.

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