Monday, September 10, 2007

Consciousness Raising Exercise #14

A great deal of controversy has been generated by each of the following topics. Intensely passionate arguments have been made and a great deal of medical knowledge used to educate, intimidate, manipulate, and excoriate people who hold opposing viewpoints on these issues:




Gun Control

Alcohol Abuse

Penile Implants

Domestic Violence

Safe Sex Education

Alzheimer's Disease

The Family Leave Act

Rights of Nonsmokers

Weight Loss Techniques

Legalization of Marijuana

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Domestic Partner Benefits

Needle Exchange Programs

The Right-To-Life Movement

A Woman's Freedom of Choice

Single-Payer Health Care Reform

Unethical Behavior By Physicians

Health Services for the Mentally Ill

The Right to Universal Health Care

Relocation of Convicted Sex Offenders

Increased Funding for Cancer Research

Funding of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Start a discussion group with your fellow doctors and medical students to examine how each one of these issues has affected your personal and professional lives. Explore any new language that has developed around these issues and how that language might be used in dictating medical reports.

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