Monday, September 10, 2007

Politicization of the Healthcare Industry

Wherever questions of law and profit are involved there is bound to be a conflict of opinions. Whether selling pharmaceuticals, alcohol, home pregnancy tests, disability insurance, diet powders, beauty aids, HMO memberships, cigarettes, anabolic steroids, or medical transcription services, corporations have invested huge amounts of money in research, development, and marketing.
Their efforts are driven by the need to make a profit for their shareholders.

While aimed at simplifying procedures and curbing costs, healthcare reform threatens to change bureaucratic procedures, eliminate jobs, redefine patient care, and cut into the profit margins of existing businesses.

Those holding political office are constantly besieged by lobbyists hoping to influence their decisions. Meanwhile, advocacy groups and political action committees struggle to raise funds which will support professional lobbyists and help to educate the public in their efforts to gain sympathy for their causes.

[Consciousness Raising Exercise #14]

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