Thursday, September 6, 2007

Consciousness Raising Exercise #33

Dr. V is a very busy surgeon who is known throughout the hospital as a prima donna with a very short fuse. Not only is she a difficult management problem who makes extreme demands on the rest of the patient care team, Dr. V is a notorious procrastinator with very sloppy work habits.

On a day when Dr. V has a particularly busy surgery schedule, one of her patients happens to be a fellow physician on staff. The physician/patient has already been put under anesthesia and is awaiting surgery when Dr. V is informed that because she is so far behind in dictating her operative reports, her surgical privileges have been suspended and she must leave the operating room.

When the physician/patient awakens to discover that he did not undergo the planned surgery, he is furious at having lost a day's professional time. He wastes no time venting his anger on Dr. V who, in turn, lashes out at her support staff.

In 150 words or less, explain what is wrong with this picture.

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