Monday, September 10, 2007

Medical Information Resources

The growing number of Americans with personal computers means that more and more people can access medical information from their homes. The average person can now research medical topics by accessing medical newsgroups on the Internet or subscribing to Internet mailing lists for various support groups. A person can also subscribe to an on-line health information service such as HealthLink.

The specialization of newsgroups and computer bulletin boards has helped people with AIDS stay on top of the latest-breaking developments. Indeed, those who have most aggressively researched the latest findings are sometimes educating their own physicians with regard to new developments in AIDS research.

On the consumer front, multimedia software packages offer medical clip art, the Merck Manuals, as well as Global Family Doctor. Training videos are available for nursing techniques, CPR techniques and a wide variety of medical practices. Video games even allow people to "play surgeon" in the operating room the same way they can use software programs like Microsoft Flight Simulator X to impersonate an airplane pilot.

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