Monday, September 10, 2007

More Sophisticated Weaponry

There is no doubt that the past 25 years have seen an incredible rise in the amount of violence in our lives. Today's headlines feature news stories about gang wars, children shooting children, domestic violence, child abuse, and terrorist bombings. Disgruntled employees go berserk with assault rifles. Fanatic "right to life" advocates stalk and kill doctors who perform therapeutic abortions. Some Emergency Room doctors have developed specialized skills in treating gunshot wounds.
America's epidemic of violence is a direct result of what people have ingested from the mass media. Movies, television, children's cartoons, and video games have all glamorized violence, passing along the not-so-subtle idea that a violent act is the solution to any and all problems.

Some people have become so inured to depictions of violent acts that they can no longer differentiate between violence as news, violence as entertainment, and violence as a form of personal recreation. An entire generation of video game enthusiasts has not only learned a deadly set of skills, military training programs now use video games as training tools.

Most of these people never have to witness the carnage that comes into Emergency Rooms. Police and rescue personnel, however, have a different perspective on what is happening on America's streets.

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