Thursday, September 6, 2007

Medical Record Committee

A hospital's Medical Record Committee usually includes representatives from administration, nursing, the medical record administrator, as well as one or more members of the medical staff.

The Medical Record Committee is responsible for determining the form and content of a hospital's medical records. The committee determines which types of reports should be generated, standardizes the formats for those reports, and sets departmental guidelines so that the hospital's reports will either match or surpass the standards set by the Joint Commission.

This committee periodically audits reports for completeness and legibility in order to appraise the quality of patient records. It also establishes standards for the timely completion of a hospital's medical records.

The Medical Record Committee may occasionally be involved in decisions regarding purchases of new dictation/transcription equipment, new software, or the need to outsource work to a transcription agency. The committee may also recommend disciplinary action to a hospital's Executive Committee if such action is necessary to maintain medical records on a current and complete basis.

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