Saturday, September 15, 2007

Owning Your Own Software

Whether you end up purchasing a competitive upgrade to a rival word-processing program, a conversion utility for translating files between operating systems, or a new communications suite for your computer, software is a deductible expense which your practice can easily afford.
Some physicians make the mistake of trying to get a transcription agency to give them "free" software on the premise that if the agency wants the business, it should "give" the physician whatever he asks for. This creates a sticky legal situation involving copyrighted material and pirated software -- which can lead to some nasty penalties. What's more, it prevents your office from having direct access to the manufacturer's technical support line if anything goes wrong with the software while it is on your computer.
For some people, the risk factor and the adventure of obtaining pirated software is all part of a game. In the long run, it is simply not worth it. Try to envision pirated software as someone else's computer underwear. By the time you are in private practice you should be mature enough, have enough money in the bank, and have enough self-respect to want to purchase, wear, and maintain your own set of electronic underwear.

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