Monday, September 10, 2007

Realistic Depictions of Medicine

Medicine has been making news for years. Today's medical news, however, is often quite sensationalized.

Whether it involves stories about surrogate mothers, psychiatrists charged with sexually abusing their patients, or miraculous rescues of skiers stranded in the snow, today's tabloid journalism aims to titillate while educating its audience. (The American public probably learned and understood more about DNA from watching the O.J. Simpson trial than from the combined efforts of all the high school science teachers in the United States and Canada.)

Audiences also want to see more gore. Special effects in movies have become increasingly bloody and realistic. Medical television shows like Rescue 911 and Trauma Center patients through their rescue, treatment, and occasionally to their death.
Meanwhile, more and more educational programs such as Cutting Edge Medical Report and Ethnic Health America are available on cable and PBS.

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