Thursday, September 6, 2007

Technical Support Staff

On-site technical support

The hospital's resident computer honcho is responsible for maintaining and trouble-shooting problems with the hospital's mainframe computer, networks, and PCs. This person is usually overworked and is not responsible for maintaining a hospital's digital dictation system.

Off-site technical support

In most situations, the manufacturer of a digital dictation system will have a service contract with the hospital or transcription agency where its machinery has been installed. In the event that the digital dictation system experiences some kind of glitch or mechanical failure, service technicians should be available for on-call technical support.

If something goes wrong with the digital dictation system, venting your wrath on the transcription supervisor is a complete waste of time and energy. That person is rarely capable of trouble-shooting the software used by the digital dictation system. Nor should you register complaints about the digital dictation system with medical transcriptionists while you are dictating reports.

Their job is to transcribe.

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