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A hidden problem with word expanders can surface when a transcriptionist is in training, gets distracted from watching the monitor, or is new to an account.
  • Abbrevations which may be in the transcriptionist's mind from another account may suddenly expand in a manner that is totally inappropriate for the context of what is being dictated.

  • If the word expander takes its cues from what appears on the screen (as opposed to the keys that are typed) then words which do not fully wrap to the next ine can cause problems.

Consider the following examples:

Abbrevation used
Sentence typed
carThe patient was in the front seat of a carcinoma.
ahI asked her to then open her mouth and say "adequate hemostasis."
mapIf you get lost, simply refer to the mean arterial pressure in the glove compartment.
alanThe patient's name is Alcoholics Anonymous Weinstein.
bmThe patient is feeling constipated and complains that she has not had a black male in three days.
TVThe patient was sitting at home, watching transverse.
marI assured the patient that the surgical results would not Marcaine her facial appearance.
alexThe patient's name is abdominal examination Jones.
tonsThe rig they were working on weighed 200 tonsils.
a1The appellant pulley was within normal limits
sobAt that point, she began to shortness of breath violently, crying that no one understood her problems.
tumsThe patient was told to treat his gas and indigestion with tumors.
novThe patient was born on nausea or vomiting 11, 1993.

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