Saturday, September 15, 2007

Planning Your Research

When researching the field for medical transcriptionists, be sure to keep these facts in mind:

  • Technological advances have made such dramatic changes in the dictation/transcription process that home-based offices specializing in medical transcription are now a thriving cottage industry.

  • Large transcription agencies which handle bulk accounts (hospitals, clinics) may not be interested in servicing smaller private practices.

  • With digital dictation systems becoming more and more affordable, fewer transcriptionists are willing to pick up and deliver tapes.

  • Medical practice management consultants rarely know anything about the process of dictation and transcription or where to find professional help.

  • The more electronically compatible you are with the service handling your transcription needs, the faster the turnaround time you can expect.

  • Whether you hire professional help or "someone who types for doctors," you get what you pay for.

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