Sunday, September 16, 2007

Politics And Power Games In The Field

Intellectually, we all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes and/or driving while intoxicated. We all know the long-term costs to the healthcare industry of domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse. Whether or not we want to admit it, we also know that doctors do indeed exist who drink and/or smoke too much, who have problems with substance abuse, and who batter their spouses. Whether or not we know who these people are, we work with them every day.
Stress is a given in the medical workplace. Some physicians have extremely short tempers. Disgruntled doctors -- whether they are unhappy in their personal and/or professional lives -- are notorious for pulling power trips on the people who struggle to support them in their work.
Networking skills are essential if one is to seize new opportunities and build professional alliances. An acute sensitivity to issues of diversity in the workplace can make a dramatic difference in the level of cooperation one receives from fellow members of the patient care team. Consider the following issues:

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